Devil Canyon

Description: Jump out of the boat and you are literally standing on top of the canyon. This site focuses on a large, open-fronted overhang, or canyon under the reef table right off the shore. The entry from a boat and into the deep blue. The canyon can only be dived in calm conditions. Once in the water the canyon is directly below you and on both the left and right side you will find a shallow reef. The reef that circles the canyon is just as attractive as the canyon itself with both site soft and hard corals being abundant. Here you will often spot large groupers, scorpionfish and morays eel with a big octopus on a number of occasions. Enter the cave and swim to the back then turn and watch the light shine through the swarms of anthias and colorful encrusted sponge in both side the walls, swimming upside down on the ceiling of the cave, a perfect spot for your safety stop!