Air Cavern

Description: One of the most latest discovery from Divesicily Divers is this Wonder of Mother Nature in the Coast line of Naxos Bay. Accessible from a small tunnel at the depth of 7 mt. (20ft) the cavern were a place where the mediterranean seals live many years ago, clear and calm water inside the cavern show you a smooth walls and some pinnacle in the left right wall. The boat will ancor nearby the cavern in a small Laguna without any possibility to meet currents or wind, small group of divers max 6 will visit the cavern, at the exit is possible to visit a second cavern beside the air cave, the underwater life of this place are many octopus, and a lot of moray eels, beautiful wall covered with colorful corals are the second cave, ascending directly to the boat after our reccomended safety stop.