Grotta Azzurra

Description:The most beautyful dive of Taormina, not so far from the Dive Center just 5 min. by boat, nice to see a tousand of shrimps and a lot of colorful corals and eels, easy dive for all levels. Fish feeding directly from your hand at the end of the dive. The Grotta Azzurra (blue cave) is shallow and fairly well sheltered from current. The best part of the dive is the shrimps cave, so jump in here. The coral patch on the high cliff is a good marker. The small bay beneath has a small tunnel at the back. This is the entrance to the first set of caves. It is easiest to enter shallow, about 5 m. The cave forks immediately. It has a sandy floor and steep walls on either side, shafts of light pierce the roof. At the back is a narrow chamber full of encrusted colorful sponges and corals and occasionally some mooray eel. The left hand fork leads to an exit at 15 m. As you leave the cave, put your right shoulder to the wall. As you turn the prominent shoulder at 18 m into the sandy bay, you will come across the great wall. The furthest back is at about 3 m. You can waste a happy ten minutes here, watching the orange astroides corals. while spending time for safe stop you may feed the local side rainbow fishes that come to eat directly from your hands!