The Roman Temple

Description: At the south eastern extremity of the bay of Capo Taormina there is an ancient Roman wreck known as “Wreck of the columns”. More than two thousand years ago it sunked one of the most big Roman Cargo Ship. The Vessel coming from some north African province, transported Columns of white Marble to build a Temple on some hill around Taormina. It is positioned close to deep water although immediately around it is a plateau of sand and rocks outcrops at less than 20 m. Like the Capo st. Andrea, the conditions here are highly influenced by both weather and current. It is best to turn up first and check the visibility before making the decision to dive. mooray eels are most commonly seen here in the months of june to august. Many different species of nudibranch roam the sea floor and the shallow water of the wall top. The best dive starts beside the wall in to the little bay behind the extremity of Capo Taormina. . Now the divers can visit the rest of this Ancient Disaster. Dive for Advanced experienced divers. High Recommended our Underwater Archaeology Course available daily.