Greek Temple

Description: As not very many people know where it is located The Greek Temple located in the center of Naxos Bay in a clear sandy bottom, offer to the visitors a view of pure ancient atmosphere. Here lies something like fifthysix columns and pieces of white marble stone, as a part of ship load, it sank in the twentythird century ago by an overload of the ship. The wreck never found due to the strong currents of Sicilian channel that run this place , Entry by boat descend over the gradual sandy slope and divers will find that they are surrounded instantaneously by huge bank of sand. all kind of starfish, anemone fish, anthias, and many more live in this place. For the micro divers in us nudibranches are often seen here including the spanish dancer and the giant orange pigatchu, Particularity: This site is perfect for photography being beautiful at all depths with a surprising wealth of life betwen the load of columns! ascending and safety stop by hanging in the anchor line trowed from the boat.