Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Do I need to make a check dive, does it cost any extra?
A: We will ask you to make a check dive if you have not dived for more than a year, if you have not dived for more than six months after your open water course, or if you cannot provide logged proof of experience. You will make your first dive in a small group, and refresh your basic scuba skills before completing the dive under close supervision. We also recommend a check dive for anyone who feels a little nervous. A check dive costs 00 $.

Q: If I don’t have a dive license, can I dive?
A: If you don’t have a diving license why not try an Introductory dive and let one of our instructors guide you on a shallow dive. Alternatively, an Open Water or Scuba Diver course will teach you all you need to know to become a fully qualified diver.

Q: Do I have to dive with group if I am an experienced diver? A: We will ask you to dive with one of our staff for at least the first dive. After this it will be up to our guide (who is responsible for your safety) to decide whether you may dive with your buddy. If you are not diving with the group you will still be asked to listen to the briefing and follow club regulations.

Q: How long should I leave between diving and flying? A: although PADI currently recommends 18-hour surface interval between diving and flying, we strongly recommend a 24-hour interval. We will therefore ask anyone who wishes to fly between 12 and 24 hours after diving to sign a liability release form.

Q: What kind of wetsuit I need?
A: Most people find that a 5 mm suit is adequate for the whole period of the year . If you get cold easily you may want to bring extra thermal protection. Our rental suits are 5mm/one piece, which will suit most people year-round.

Q: What kind of tank do you use?
A: Our tanks are 12/15 liters Steel and Aluminum, with both DIN and International fittings available.

Q: Can I dive with nitrox?
A: We can provide you with Nitrox tanks on request once we have verified that you have the correct certifications. We can also provide you with an analyser, so you will be able to test your fills before you dive. If you are not a Nitrox qualified diver we can offer you a PADI Enriched Air Course.