Elephant Reef

Description: The Elephant reef are located at the southern most tip of the Taormina dive area. Huge schools of black Anthias form along this area. As you drift along the drop off keep an eye out into the blue. In certain conditions a down current may form on the wall! A mountain may appear to rise from the depth. This site is best as a drift dive from a boat.The formed where the steep wall, stretching from the reef meets the bay of Spisone. In spite of the nearby crowds, it remains seldom visited and has retained an atmosphere of virgin beauty. Start your dive on the outside wall and head northwards. At 30 m are huge overhangs, caves and dark gullies, swathed in seafans, s. This scene becomes increasingly colourful and dramatic towards the corner. At the corner it is worth doubling back to take in the shallow part of this wall. Between 25 m and the surface is a large chimney which should not be missed. It is home to a blue Shrimps. At the last corner the platform at 5 meters will help divers for the safety stop. This is best left to strong and experienced divers.