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The filling station is powered by two Bauer compressors Verticus k14 7,5  with 640 lt/min.and a Nitrox mixing-panel enable gas mixtures up to 40% oxygen.

Also available:

  • Video housing with Panasonic Video cam  including of dive lights pack.
  • Digital Underwater Olimpus Cameras for daily or weekly rental
  • Sea Life 1400 digital camera with Flash and fish eye lens
  • Go-Pro Scuba System with Filters and lens



We are proud to be a Scubapro S.E.A. Diving Center

Here at DIVESICILY we are proud to be a SCUBAPRO S.E.A. DIVING CENTER (Scubapro education association) World wide Member.

Equipment available:

  • 70 steel & Aluminum tanks 10/12 lt.(80 cf) int/din valves,
  • 50 Scubapro BCDs,
  • 50 Scubapro Regulators with octopus & spg
  • 100 full wet-suit 5mm. ,
  • 100 shorty wet-suit
  • 100 sets for snorkeling
  • 3 Hartenberger 180 pro dive lamp,
  • 1 Subatec 180 professional
  • 10 Uwatec dive computers.

Divesicily is Scubapro’s Preferred Test Dive Center, In recognition of Divesicily’s continuing effort to provide first class guest services, amenities, safety and innovative diving equipment, Divesicily have selected a custom mix of high quality diving equipment that’s available for our guests throughout the our Centers. Periodically, Scubapro, a worldwide leader in superior diving and snorkeling equipment, will provide new “test dive” equipment for our guests to evaluate while diving. Most of the dive rental equipment at Divesicily Diving & Watersports Centers is manufactured by Scubapro.

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