Catania Fish Market Tour

From Monday through Friday, the streets near Catania’s Main Elephant square are transformed into a loud and fast paced market. The The Catania fish market is located in the heart of the city

The entrance to the market (known as a pescheria) is just behind a beautiful ancient Baroque Fountain. The fountain was created to adorn the market square in the 1800s, but it actually takes its name from the Amenano river that used to run on the same spot. The river was buried in 1669 during a devastating Etna eruption.

Catania fish market is not just the activity of the pescheria itself, but the crowd that it attracts. Giant swordfish heads points skywards, with their own pink cuts displayed, octopusses, sardines, groupers, crabs and a much more variety of fishes ready to sell.



    • Cost of the Tour: : € 40 per person
    • Children (2-12 years): € 20


  •  Departure Recanati 9.30
  •  Departure Taormina 9.10
  •  Departure Letojanni 8:50
  •  Duration:   H alf day
  •  Days  from monday to friday

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