• 24 tonnage weights
  • Passengers; 25
  • Lengt: 18 mts/56ft
  • Engines: 2 x 145 HP Aifo Iveco twin turbo diesel
  • Fuel Tank: 1200 lt
  • Fresh Water Tank: 1400 lt
  • Elettric Diesel Generator: 1 x 6 kw
  • Solar Panels Energy supply: 250 w
  • Dive Compressor: 1 x K14 Bauer
  • Dive Equipment Set: 25
  • Services: Full kitchen, Refrigerator, Bathroom, Fresh Water shower, 2 x bedrooms
  • Safety: VHF radio, Oxygen kit, First aid equipment, 50 life jackets, Safety Boat



Divesicily Dive Boats

At Divesicily we have 2 boats built exclusively for the diving activity.
One of this, is the Naxos’ biggest and most comfortable Diving Boat, the SIRIUS.

Our dive boats will transport you in totally comfort to any of more than 25 dive sites available and our experienced and friendly staff have the local expertise to ensure that you are fully briefed and prepared for every dive.

Our Diving Boats offer you a high degree of comfort, licensed with the local rules of safety, all boats are equipped with VHF radios, oxygen, and first aid equipment for your safety.